I am a Gatherer, an Empath, an Associate Certified Coach, a Speaker, Writer, and an Advocate for those with a child battling the disease of addiction. For as long as I can remember, I have gathered friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and broken-hearted ones in groups of all sizes spanning multiple decades and geographical locations. I have provided refuge to stray humans and animals, hosting the ridiculously wealthy to the homeless, and everything in between.


Are you exhausted, overwhelmed, stressed out, heartbroken, alone, terrified, and generally desperate for some relief and advice on how to survive and even Thrive as the Mother of and Addict?!
Grace Gathering Retreats are a place where you can Share Without Shame, Connect with other Moms of Addicts who are on a similar journey, push the reset button, and learn about how Your Life Matters as much as your addict’s life does…

"Through vulnerability and an anchored presence, I create space for others to courageously risk revealing their broken places, and discover the redemptive power of unmerited Grace…so that they may heal and unravel into their Best selves."

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