I am a Gatherer, an Empath, an Associate Certified Coach, a Speaker, Writer, and an Advocate for those with a child battling the disease of addiction. For as long as I can remember, I have gathered friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and broken-hearted ones in groups of all sizes spanning multiple decades and geographical locations. I have provided refuge to stray humans and animals, hosting the ridiculously wealthy to the homeless, and everything in between.

I have taught people all over the country how to celebrate the life of their loved ones in a deeply meaningful and personalized way thru my many years in the funeral home industry.

My life- long dream and passion has been to facilitate Gatherings that connect weary travelers along the road of life to Each Other, to God, and to themselves again when they have lost their way.

Three years ago my Forever Love purchased the one of a kind property we now call The Travelers Rest Lodge. My dream has married my reality as we have turned The Travelers Rest into a Retreat and Event center. Whether you need Rest and Solitude, or want to Connect with Fellow Travelers in a real life-changing way, we are here to help you.

As a Certified Life Coach I facilitate both individual and group Coaching, specializing in the areas of Surviving with an Addicted child, and Mid-life health and wellness makeovers. I also host women’s retreats both locally and regionally throughout the United States, and speak to groups of all sizes on topics including Substance Use Disorder Awareness, Self-Care, Advocacy opportunities, and Creating a joy-filled life.

As a member of the Mayors Substance Abuse Task Force, I am also actively involved in raising awareness locally and nationally. By utilizing my education and personal life experiences as the Mother of a recovering addict, I hold space for individuals to push the “reset button”, share without shame,  and come to an understanding that Your Life Matters!

Mission Statement

“Through vulnerability and an anchored presence, I create space for others to courageously risk revealing their broken places, and discover the redemptive power of unmerited Grace…so that they may heal and unravel into their Best selves.”

A Grace Gathering

A Grace Gathering is a support group for the Mothers of Addicts led by certified Life Coach, Andre’a Grace Phillips.It is a safe place where we “hold space, and extend Grace” to all who have children that suffer with the disease of addiction. We invite all to Share without Shame, and learn about how Your Life Matters as much to God and to this world as your addict’s life does. Gatherings take place every other Saturday morning at New Beginnings Lakeside, and every other Wednesday evening at 909A Kenmore Drive. For more information you can find Andre’a Grace Phillips on facebook or can email her at andreagracephillips@gmail.com or call/text 812-204-8509 with questions. All are welcome!